If you think much too hard about the process of selling your home, it will make it much more difficult than it has to be. If you think things through rationally, build a solid plan, and do your best to stick with it— it’ll make the whole thing much easier.

Increase Curb Appeal

Paint your front door a bright color to increase curb appeal and draw attention to your property. The front door is seen as the entryway into your home and it plays an important role. By painting it that bright color you will encourage buyers to want to come in and take a look around.

Neutralize the Interior

Staging your house can be one of the most effective tools for selling in a difficult market. Keep your house as neutral as possible, removing personal pictures and painting walls an ivory, light brown, or off-white color. This allows a potential buyer to picture themselves as the homeowner, rather than you.

Accent Seasonally

Housing markets are season-driven in many areas of the country. Maximize your chances of making a sale by using appropriate seasonal decorations, such as fall accents for regions with an autumn buying season. Rake up the leaves in your yard regularly, and late-season buyers will be more interested in your house.

Buy Smart, Not Big

If resale value is important to you, don’t buy the largest property in the neighborhood. When market value is determined, the values of the homes around yours are considered first. If those houses are significantly smaller, they can actually depreciate your home value. Buy the house that blends into the neighborhood. When you are in the market for a larger house, move into a neighborhood where the property sizes are bigger.