We’re one of the top escrow agencies for Downey, CA and surrounding areas. But do you need an escrow agency – and exactly what is it we do for a living? Here’s what you should know about escrow agencies if you aren’t sure about how we can help your needs.

What an Escrow Agency is For

Escrow agencies are financial service providers: We are the middle-point for negotiating purchase or refinancing terms for homes and businesses, and we handle contracts to make sure that our clients get a fair deal as stipulated on the contract.

If you’re thinking about purchasing or refinancing and want to make sure that your needs are met (and the deal remains fair for both parties), you need Vision Escrow Group.

Commercial and Home Agreements Covered

We cater to both home and commercial escrow needs. Whether you’re hoping to purchase or refinance your home or place of business, we can help. Get in touch with us and we’ll match you to one of our escrow experts who can cater to your needs best.