We’re the right company to contact when you’re looking for a home, not just another house. We understand that purchasing or refinancing a home is a long-term commitment, and we’re there for you for every step of the way.

We’re one of the top escrow agencies for Downey, CA with expert staff who can negotiate the best terms for your needs.

What is the Reason for Moving?

If you are simply tired of the apartment rent, or looking to start a family, there are an infinite number of reasons to be on the market for a home at any given time. We want to make sure that when you are looking, you’re aware of what you’re looking for and have a general expectation that we can help you reach. We are not looking for you to settle on a second choice or let your budget get the best of your hopes, but help instead find a realistic destination for your new beginning.

How long have you been in the market for a home?

It’s important to consider when venturing out and looking to buy when you’re starting a family or simply looking to upgrade. If you’ve been in the market for several months, you likely have a ballpark price you’re looking to spend, and a vision of what your new home should look like. We’re going to get you there, and we will ensure you make the right decision. It’s not rushed, not looking for a quick fix or a place that fits only your price and not your vision, or vice versa.

What Does An Escrow Agent Do In Real Estate Sales?

From the moment a seller accepts an offer to the moment of closing, the escrow agent is involved in the unique real estate transaction.

Once you sign a purchase agreement with the seller, you pay an earnest money deposit, which shows the seller you’re serious about purchasing the home. The agent ensures the payment is accurate, then places this deposit, along with the title and other paperwork, into an escrow account, where it will be held by the agent or escrow company until both parties fulfill their contractual obligations of the sale, like getting the home appraised and securing financing.

When both the buyer and seller agree that all terms of the sale have been met, they close on the home. Upon closing, the designated escrow agent will create a new deed and list the buyer as the new owner of the home. Additionally, they’ll close the escrow as per the instructions, which may include releasing the earnest money deposit back into the hands of the home buyer, who may then use it towards their down payment or closing costs.

Let Us Know Your Needs

We promise to match you up with the right deal that meets your needs: One consultation with one of our excellent staff members is all that it takes to establish just what your needs are, and what we can do to move you towards your goal.

Purchasing and Refinancing

Planning on purchasing or refinancing your home? Let us know which and we’ll see what can be done to get you there. Whether you’re looking for a family home, a commercial property or a mobile home instead, we can assist.

We’ll Put You in Touch

We have some of the best contacts in the business, and this means that when you hire us, you’re in good hands with an escrow agency that has access to only the best deals and networking out there.

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